Winners 2021Young Plumber of the Year

George Wrenn | Lower North Island National Finalist

George Wrenn Profile

George Wrenn, a 26-year-old local plumber from Hastings, is the 2021 Lower North Island regional finalist for the Young Plumber of The Year competition. We spoke with George to find out a little more about himself, what made him want to enter the competition and how he thinks he might go in the final, coming up in February this year.


In 2014, George’s career in plumbing first kicked off. He found himself considering the job as a few of his friends were participating in a pre-trade course which they loved.

“I got a labouring job doing plumbing to test it out and was hooked from there. Plumbing is a career that can take you everywhere – around the world, around the nation, or you can even start your own business and work for yourself which is something I aspire to do.” shares George.


“I first came across the YPOTY event a few years back when another plumber was getting recognised for his achievements in the branch competition,” says George. “I was very interested in what it was all about, and the plumbing world staff really encouraged me to give it a go. I’m also quite a competitive person and wanted to compete for the crown against the other young plumber that had won the previous few years.”


The 2021 competition was the first event George has entered. He thought he had a good chance of doing well but didn’t expect to win. “I was looking people up on the PGDB site to see what everyone else’s qualifications were. There were a lot of older certified plumbers so I never thought I stood a chance coming into the event,” George admits. “I didn’t quite know what to expect when competing, but everything was very well organised and ran smoothly so I just did my best as I went along. I thought I was dreaming when it was announced that I had won!”


George believes that his strength lies in the variety of plumbing work he does throughout the week and how he is able to push himself to complete each test as fast as he can – whilst still being accurate. “I'll continue to practice the theory in the lead up to the finals, but my work every day will also be great to help get me prepared for the final.”


When asked what advice he would give to other young Kiwis who are considering a career in plumbing George shared: “Give it a go, even try a labouring job just to get into the industry. It’s worth the hard work during the apprenticeship to become a registered Plumber, there is no better trade out there.”


The Lower North Island region wishes George the best of luck for the finals set to be held in Hamilton on February 19, 2022!